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First step for meditation

Meditation is a practice to understand the nature of our mind; this understanding will keep changing as our practice deepens. 

The first step towards meditation is to make a loving commitment to allocate some time in our daily lives for it. We say it’s a loving commitment because we should not be forceful towards our mind for this will bring resistance and in turn can become a hindrance to our practice. 

Be practical when you allocate the time for meditation. It can simply be five minutes per day to start with. Choose a specific time of day for meditation and allow an alternative time if you cannot make it. Even if you miss your meditational time-slot, you can always make time the next day. 

To help you get started, you can consider some optional steps, as follows:

Use a timer and let the clock mind the time. This will help the mind to relax and you can focus on practice. 

Stay away from the distractions. Keep your phone on silent; it can wait. Choose a place where you can be by yourself without being disturbed. 

Choose a comfortable posture where you can remain still. Meditation is about the mind. However our body is not separate from the mind. Do not choose a posture that will allow you to fall asleep; you need to be alert. 

Create your own bubble and props such as music, lighting, fragrance, your favourite visuals etc. can be used to enable this. Create your own zone and stay in it. 


The raw form of meditation is to be still and to remain a witness to everything that’s happening around you. Yet, the simple things are often the most difficult things to do. There are numerous resources and methods available to suit each individual. 

One can start by watching the sensations of body from within, focusing on one body part at a time. watching the breath coming in and going out, either at the nose or on the belly is a good starting point.

You can also watch your thoughts with practice, once the understanding deepens that these thoughts are not created by you and hence you cannot claim them as your thoughts. They just happen and you can observe them as if you’re watching them on a movie screen. 

Self-enquiry; who am I?  This is one of the most powerful forms of meditation that uses the mind to turn inwards in order to reveal one’s true nature. 

I would be happy to help in introducing the various types of meditation available. If you are interested, please drop me a line.

Remember, the first step towards meditation is to commit some time from your daily life and this is important. This is your biggest investment and once you offer this to yourself you will have all the support needed to move forward with meditation. 



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