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Understanding the nature of duality by understanding our body

everything happens within us

Consider this example:

We need a car to journey from A to B; this is the primary purpose behind why we created a car. There are also those who can afford to buy a car but have nowhere to go. Yet, what do use the car for?

Many things, except what it is designed for, such as possessing it to gain attention and to feel pride, through the association of having a particular type of car and becoming identified with a group of people who also own the same car. They spend time buying accessories and keeping themselves busy by caring for the car’s necessary maintenance. One can also have fun with the facilities and capacities of the car.

This is all fine but this article is not about discussing what is right or wrong. As long as one enjoys what he/she is doing and is aware of the consequences of their actions, all is well.

We are here to experience life, anything that we experience we experience through our body. Let it be a gentle breeze, tasty meal, sound of rustling leaves or the smell of the first rain. The basic function of the human body is giving experiences of the world using its five senses and it is our responsibility to take good care of this.

Apart from experiencing the world through the body, the body can be experienced by itself as pleasure or pain, like having a massage or a stomach pain.

The body can be an observer when we look at the world or it can become observed when we turn inwards to look within.

The body needs food to keep itself alive and also a body can serve itself as food for other organisms.

Bodies can become instruments for unity; if love and compassion is what we are interested in. The same bodies can become weapons for war if we get identified by its color or ethnicity and create separation.

I think the problem is, we are not aware of our interests, for example, on the surface I am a patriot and proud of my country but beneath the surface I am separating myself with the rest of the world with the potential of brooding war. There is a conflict between our conscious and unconscious, this is why even when we act out of our liking(unconsciously) we are creating hatred.

To be aware of both our conscious and unconscious and to be able to choose our actions consciously we need to find a place, which is neutral and far away from our conscious and unconscious. We need to find the gap between the continuous stream of thoughts and Yoga is a method to find this space and to stay within that gap.

Yogis have found a space within themselves that is not a part of body and mind and this space is accessible to everyone and is their essential being. All the conflicts arise as we are disconnected from this space. The good news is this can be easily established, and yoga can be used to connect us with our true nature.



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