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Wellbeing at Workplace

wellbeing at workplace


The present working class people have split their lives into two, work life and personal life, and are struggling to find a balance between their two lives. Due to the current competition and challenges employees are subjected to tremendous stress, which has a huge impact on their physical, mental as well as emotional health.

Unfortunately we don't have two bodies to deal with work life and personal life, hence both lives are affected. The result is restless mind, tired body, low energy levels, reduced performance at work and dull relationships.

It is sad to know that most people wake up tired. Even though there are tools like Yoga which can help an individual to build a healthy body and mind, they lack motivation and time to take initiative to do something good for their wellbeing.

There are enough articles on the internet showing how jobs contribute to workaholism, insomnia and divorce. Stress is the fifth major cause of death and studies say 87% of people have no passion for their jobs. It is disturbing to think about the future of human wellbeing as we progress in this way.


It is time organizations have to think about bridging the gap between work life and personal life, and the bridge is the body & mind. This can be achieved by introducing wellbeing campaigns and programs at workplace. Human body needs nourishment, good rest and physical activity to maintain its wellbeing. A healthy body hosts a healthy mind and a healthy mind is what we need to be creative and productive.

Introducing wellbeing programs, like yoga, at work can bring a positive change in the way how an employee relates to workplace and colleagues. Yoga works on the core of the dysfunction, mind-body disconnection, offering tools to cope up with stress and bringing awareness to the needs of they body. The practices are simple involving stretching, conscious breathing and practicing mindfulness and meditation. 

Looking at human body anatomy one can say without doubt they are designed for movement, but our current lifestyle forces us to be sedentary for most part of our lives. Muscles work with this principle, "if you don't use it, you lose it." Physical activity is very important and contributes greatly to the wellbeing of the organism.


There are many benefits like ​

  • better body posture, improvement in energy levels

  • relaxed mind and active body

  • improvement in performance and productivity with best interest

  • making wellbeing more accessible to employees

  • positive environment, vibrant community, improved relationship between employees, collaboration

  • reduced absenteeism 

  • loyalty towards the organization 

  • collaboration and employee care

  • improved relationships

  • happy life

Healthy Body <--> Healthy Mind

Happy stretching,

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