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Why you don't want to die?


Life is uncertain. With ever-changing situations; many ups and down; confusions; never ending desires; known fears; unknown fears; many aspirations; goals; ambitions; responsibilities.

Now, if you sit with a question "what do I want to do with my life?", you may not yield an immediate answer because you have time. There is lack of intensity and your imaginations will take you on a never ending trip. Maybe you reach to an answer but this keeps changing.

So lets start with something we are certain of. Something which is unavoidable. The ultimate happening truth; "Death". The details like time and reasons in approaching death may vary from person to person, but it is certain that we all will die one day.

Just imagine this situation: you are driving back home on a two way road after a long journey, very tired and desperate to reach home. You have dozed off and have just opened your eyes to realize you are about to collide with a truck in a moment and there is nothing you can do to avoid it. Right here, Now, if time were to freeze for one minute and this question arose, "Why I don't want to die right now?", what would be your answer be?

Certainly, you won't get answers like "I need to finish off my pending house loan" or "I will miss my deadline at work" or "I want to make more money than my neighbor".

When I put myself into this situation what I say to myself is; "I want to live to spend more time with my daughter"; "travel places with my wife"; "spend some more time with my mom, dad, brothers, cousins, relatives & friends". I want to tell them how much I love them and how much I care about them. Seek forgiveness from dear ones whom I may have caused hurt; do the things which I have always wanted to do since childhood.

Mind is time and the destroyer of time is death. This is why many traditions start their spiritual practices by understanding death first. There are some traditions in which the seekers spend time in graveyards meditating over dead bodies. If we understand death, only then we can understand what is life; the impermanence of life and importance of life.

Our generation has succeeded in delaying death by inventing safety measures, avoiding risks, medicines, hospitals and etc. At the same time we are making life boring; uninteresting; doing mundane activities; chasing borrowed goals; running after forced aspirations. We are contradicting ourselves. We don't want to die. Instead we prolong life not because we love life but fear death.

To humans, life is not just about survival. We have the capacity to reason & inquire. Nature has not given any other animal this gift. Only humans grow & evolve not just physically but as a race, as a civilization and more importantly, as spiritual beings. It's time we connect to our true selves beyond the mind and this can only be done in silence.

Meditation is a practice which can take you beyond your mind by understanding the nature of mind itself. Self-enquiry is a method which takes you on a journey to understand your real self. Even a few minutes per day is good start. This is a journey which makes life really interesting and truly rewarding.

Thank you, Namaste


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