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Yoga heals not just you, it heals us

Updated: Jun 23, 2018

Yoga for every-Body

Without doubt the current generation human being is more advanced and skillful than any of its previous generations. We as a race are growing at a tremendous speed in terms of science, technology and infrastructure, no doubt our future generations will be more advanced and more complex than we could ever imagine.

There is a hidden danger, well not any more as it is evident; we are becoming victims of our own growth and ego. Any growth that grows out of proportion, beyond control is termed as cancerous growth in medical terminology.

As much as it is true that science and technology are great tools for connecting people, it is also a hindrance to connecting to our surrounding, connecting to our own self. As a result modern human has become restless, tired, discontent, frustrated, greedy, stressed and lost in finding ways to making himself happy.

There is a great urgency and huge responsibility within us to heal ourselves to make our race healthy, make our growth organic. Many ancient traditions are aware of this nature of humans and have developed tools to deal with these problems, Yoga is one of them and is easily available as its easy to practice.

Yogic people became aware that most of the problems are because of mind body disconnection, instead of working together in union, they are acting against each other. No wonder why we have so many people suffering with obesity and stress. Why the mind craves for food, which your body wont accept?

  • Why the mind doesn’t allow you to rest when the body is tired?

  • Why our success is momentary and we feel discontent even when we succeed in our targets?

  • Why we are distracted in our actions and lost in our thoughts?

These questions are significant to realize, the problem is at a deeper level and not external.

Yoga uses asanas(postures) as a tool to connect mind to the body, it is not just a physical practice. When holding a posture a yogi diverts his mind, his attention to the muscles, he uses breath as a bridge to connect to his body. His whole energy is diverted within, not out. He practices how to stay connected to his senses. He is training his mind to stay focused on the action. He is bringing mind back home.

Modern medicine says most of the diseases in the generation are psychosomatic. So treating the physical body is just curing the symptoms. It is like, when some has developed tuberculosis because of his smoking habit and he is not working on quitting smoking but only taking medicines to treat his illness. Actual healing happens when you cure the source of the dysfunction. Actual Healing is healing the disconnection between mind and body.

Meditation is a great tool to observe this dysfunction and to understand the cause of many problems. Yoga practices if done in the right way lead you into meditation naturally; this is the primary aim of Yoga postures.

Yoga is also a great way of spending time with yourself, staying with your own body, staying in your own presence and enjoying it.

Remember, pushing the body is not the way of yoga, listening to the body is the way of yoga. It is about stretching the right muscles and staying there witnessing the body from within, not aiming for some picture perfect poses.

A healthy mind cooperates with the body and protects it from diseases and dysfunctions. A healthy mind is nothing but a Mind at rest, a mind at peace.

Enjoy yoga, celebrate life.

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