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"Yoga is simple yet powerful tool to address the major cause of all ailments which is mind-body disconnection "





"Yoga is not a work out; its a work in."

"Research shows that activities like yoga and relaxation exercises not only help reduce stress, but also boost immune functioning" 

American Psychological Association


The present generation humans are in tremendous rush for everything, we have totally forgotten how to relax. We have overpowered our minds to an extent where it is completely neglecting the wellbeing of the body and pushing it beyond its limits. This restless nature of mind has become self destructive and source for many ailments. 


Yoga understands this nature of the mind and has developed practices to address

this issue. Since ancient times Yoga is finding its way through every generation to

help humanity by addressing the root cause, mind-body dysfunction.

The practices are subtle, simple yet powerful.


We at Open Circle aim to teach yoga the traditional way with true spirit to unite 

Mind and Body. Our intent is to bring well being to the modern individual; 

physically, mentally and emotionally. Open Circle facilitates and promotes 

events/activities , which enable this cause.


                                                             "Yoga heals not just you; it heals us."

Currently we offer:

• Group yoga classes
• Private yoga classes
• Meditation classes

• Corporate well being programs

• Well Being awareness programs 

We are specialized in

• Yoga for Every-Body; modified postures to suit different body types
• Yoga for stress relief, relaxation and deep rest
• Emphasis on correct alignment, posture correction, healing aches and pains
• Techniques to deal with excessive thinking & anxiety
• Practicing mindfulness with mediation
• Conscious breathing techniques - pranayama

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Yoga & Meditation Instructor

I am a certified Yoga instructor with deep understanding of yoga philosophy, I practiced a variety of meditation techniques from different traditions. 

Having worked in a leading role in IT for 10 years in a demanding environment led me into an understanding of how body and mind are affected due to stress. Through my own personal journey to heal myself, I have learnt various techniques to cope with modern day demands. I am happy to share my insights during my classes.

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Yoga Instructor

I am passionate about teaching yoga and I am also a volunteer for non violent communication. I am happy to share the wisdom of living in harmony with ourselves and others during my practice.

My interest in Yoga has taken me to mighty himalayas where I have learnt yoga from authentic Indian teachers.

Faisal Al Zaabi


I believe life needs to be experienced in different dimensions, not just material and physical but also spiritual. Finding the right balance is the key. Open Circle Yoga is a sincere initiative to  motivate and encourage people to care about their well being and to be conscious about the future of humanity.

Yoga is a practice which is simple yet powerful to align mind and body which leads to peace, happiness and joy. I am happy to be a part of this initiative which will help many people to live their lives happily.

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